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Commercial and Domestic.

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We provide an array of new and used Telephone systems, providing our customers with up to date technology. VOIP, Networking, Cellular trunking, Music on hold, intercom, Voicemail, Call recording, Automated Attendants, Call logging and much more.                            We can cater to your budget.


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Telephone Systems

We Provide sound tested Cabling systems.

Whether you are adding one work station or installing a complete network distribution system, Active Voice and Data has the expertise to support your network cabling requirements. If you are looking for a trouble-free network infrastructure for Voice and or Data, we provides just that.



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 Data and Telephone Cabling

CCTV camera surveillance is an important element of management and security control. New advancements in security camera and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss-prevention solutions available. CCTV security systems are now reliable, efficient and simple to use.

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CCTV/ Surveillance systems

If Your Telephone system isn’t working properly, or your phone is dead, we can help you.

Faulty Data or Telephone wiring we’ll fix it.

If you need to relocate premises, move a phone around, add a new phone or a data outlet we can help you.

ADSL configurations 

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Maintenance/Moves Changes


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IP Telephony Solutions (Voice over IP )


Telephone Systems (New and Refurbished)


System Cards & Handsets (New, used & refurbished)


Voice & Data cabling (Telephone, Multi-pair, CAT3/5/5e/6/6a, Fibre Optics) Plus Certified Testing


Peripheral Hardware (Integrated voicemail, Call Management, Cordless, Conferencing)


Data (Network products including switches and routers)


Moves, Adds & Changes (Remote and/or on-site programming, new telephone and data sockets and patching)


Consultancy (Experienced unbiased analysis and guidance)


Maintenance ( something not working the way is should be)


Least Cost Routing (program your system to a cheaper carrier, long distance & cellular trunks)


CCTV/Surveillance (Let us secure you premises to prevent theft, vandalism, increase production or incident recording)